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Cours particulier Handi-ski, Go To Ski - Belle Plagne

Belle Plagne - Savoie Mont Blanc

Handi-ski, Go To Ski


In response to its commitment to meet the needs of all in the field of private ski lessons, El Pro Ski School and the Association ‘La Glisse pour Tous’ have joined forces to offer private Handi-ski lesson from winter 2021/2022.

Handi-ski will be available mainly from Belle Plagne as these areas are the most accessible for those with reduced mobility.

Easy access from the car park onto the piste and snow front will allow you to get straight onto your skis and give you direct access to the ski domain.

We will also be able to adapt our services to suite Plagne Bellecote. We will contact you to organise a suitable location, taking into consideration your accommodation and the terrain, so that you can leave directly on skis.

Sit ski lessons, run by a fully qualified state recognised Ski instructor who has also been trained to use the relevant equipment: This material is intended for disabled people who cannot ski independently or even stand on their own. It can also enable the visually impaired to appreciate the amazing sliding sensations of skiing, fully looked after by the instructor.

Standing Ski lessons, Go To Ski: This method was developed by an Instructor here in la PlagneThis technological development allows anyone who is disabled but can stand for at least 30 seconds to ski. The sessions are 1h30 in the morning and 1h30 in the afternoon. Thanks to this equipment and with the aid of the ski instructor, 76% of people with disabilities are able to ski standing up! The objective of Go To Ski is to allow the disabled skier to perform carving turns and to ski parallel with the aid of the handlebars of the Go To and the guidance of the ski instructor skiing alongside.  These ski lessons are also suitable for those with visual and hearing impairment.

Taxi Ski with El Pro Ski School
Are you able bodied but new to skiing?
Have you already tried skiing using traditional learning methods but didn’t get on very well? Would you like to learn to ski with as little risk as possible?
You will appreciate the joys of skiing thanks to your instructor and specially designed equipment.
In the Taxi Ski, you can discover the La Plagne Paradiski ski area, without even having to know how to ski! Jump into the Taxi Ski and whizz down the slopes of one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world.

Are you finding it difficult to learn how to ski even after a few attempts? The Go To Ski is the right piece of equipment to help you stay upright, to not cross your skis and to experience the joys of carving. It is much less physical than skiing  thanks to the additional support of the handlebars and the technology which keeps  the skis parallel whilst maintaining  the varying height of the uphill and downhill ski -, just like a dahu!

All of our Handi Ski and Taxi Ski lessons are possible, thanks to the La Glisse Pour Tous, loan of the equipment.
The lesson price pays for the instructor but the use of the equipment is free, thanks to the Association ‘La Glisse pour Tous’.
We would like to suggest that our clients make a donation to the association, which will help them maintain existing equipment and purchase new equipment when needed and as soon as it is possible La Glisse Pour Tous wants to put in place a system where they pay for a part of the lift pass for El Pro Handi Ski clients.

Suitable for children from 3 to 7 years of age, depending on their height and ski boot size (minimum 23) An additional handlebar allows the accompanying adult to pilot the Go To Ski.
Maximum ski boot size (outside shell):
Ski length: 90cms

Suitable for children from 7 to 14 years of age depending on their height and ski boot size. The equipment will fit ski boots sizes …… to …….
Ski length: 140 cm

Suitable for teenagers and adults : depending on the height of the pilot and length of the skis.
The equipment will fit ski boots sizes …… to …….
Ski length: 164 cm

Suitable for everyone, children, and adults alike, the SnowSkut Xbifree is fitted with a carbon shell and a memory foam cushion.

ASSOCIATION ‘la Glisse Pour Tous’
The Association Created in August 2021 by Mathieu Leroy and his mother. Being an ‘association’ or a non-profit organization allows Mathieu the founder of the association, firstly ‘to make skiing accessible to all in la Plagne’ through grants and donations from various organizations which enable the purchase of the equipment needed. It allows the Handi Ski and Taxi Ski clients to borrow the equipment rather than paying a rental fee. The average cost of a chair is 2,500€.
Secondly, once the equipment has been funded, the aim of the association will be to help families with a disabled person  to ski in la Plagne,  by financing a part of their ski pass.

Why did you approach El Pro?
I approached El Pro as we share the 2 same values – El Pro the company has always wanted to work with and for people and to be  at the service of the holidaymaker.
What studies and training have you done?
I’m originally from the north of France, i arrived in la Plagne in 2008 to do a training course to become a ski instructor. In 2010 I had the opportunity to train on a internship at El Pro as a sales advisor, where Eric Laboureix saw my potential and amazingly let me manage a small shop on my own. It was that year that i discovered what it meant to be at ‘the service of’
I also passed my technical test, the entry test for the Ski Instructors diploma.
I then joined the Ecole de Ski Français to teach and continue studying and training as a ski instructor. Having learnt a lot alongside my fellow ski instructors, passed my final instructors exam in January 2019.
I then followed Marc Gostoli’s Go To Ski training course and Andrea Bonrey’s BASS (Borney Adapted System Snowboard) training. Following this training, I approached El Pro again with a view to bringing the following together:

My passion, for skiing
My job, Ski Instructor, and my ambition
My dream, to make skiing accessible to all!

Our instructors

  • LEROY Instructor, Ski shool ELPRO, La PLagne Paradiski


  • lessons adapted to disabled people with qualified instructor and adapted equipement.
  • Belle Plagne
  • Disabled people or people who just want to be drived by instructor
  • from 90€
  • Equipement provided by La Glisse Pour Tous
Handi-ski, Go To SkiHandi-ski, Go To Ski
Information and prices

Cours privés

16/12/2023 -> 23/12/2023
07/01/2024 -> 10/02/2024
10/03/2024 -> 30/03/2024

24/12/2023 -> 30/12/2023
31/03/2024 -> 27/04/2024

31/12/2023 -> 06/01/2024
11/02/2024 -> 09/03/2024

Cours de 1h30

12h25 / 13h55




Cours de 2h00

12h25 / 14h25




Cours de 2h45 – Matin

9h15 / 12h00




Cours de 2h45 – Après-midi

14h00 / 16h45

14h30 / 17h15 (à partir de février)




Cours à la journée

9h15 / 16h30

9h15 / 17h00 (à partir de février)

375€ :

du 16/au 23/12 et du 7/01 au 10/02

399€ :

Du 10/03 au 30/03



This prestation includes
  • You will be collected at the location of your choice in Belle Plagne. 
  • You can be collected from your accommodation, your vehicle or in one of our stores.
  • You’ll be looked after by a fully qualified state certified Handi Ski Instructor.
  • The association La Glisse Pour Tous provides the use of all equipment in exchange for a donation to the association.
  • You will have priority in lift queues.
  • There will be a permanent radio link between our offices and our instructors.
  • For chair skiing

Warm clothing, gloves, ski goggles or sunglasses
A helmet is strongly advised
Shoes such as warm walking boots
Ski Pass (half price lift pass for the skier and the person accompanying them on presentation of your disabled badge)

  • For the ‘Go TO Ski’

Warm clothing, gloves, ski goggles or sunglasses
Helmet is strongly advised
Ski boots
​​​​​​​Ski Pass ( half price lift pass for the skier and the person accompanying them on presentation of your disabled badge)