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General conditions of use and sale Ski School & Outdoor


To register for an Outdoor/ Ski school ELPRO activity, the participant agrees to accept the general conditions of sale. Access to ELPRO Outdoor/Ski School services is not covered by the total payment of the service during an early booking.

For each Outdoor service, the major participant or the legal manager of the minor participant will sign a certificate of responsibility containing the main conditions of participation.

All participants in an Outdoor/ Skischool activity ELPRO undertakes to be insured in civil liability, to fulfil the required physical and moral conditions and not to be the subject of any medical contraindication

Participants must be able to accept any selection test and remain attentive to the advice given by professionals before and during the activity. Participants must be aware of and accept the risks associated with the Outdoor/ Ski school activities offered by ELPRO. The presence of an instructor and his advice do not remove the risks associated with the activity due to their sporting and outdoor nature.

The wearing of security equipment is mandatory, compliance with the safety instructions provided by the qualified activity manager must be respected.

The participant must respect the age or minimum size restrictions inherent in each outdoor/ski school activity.

The participant will be required to dress and wear appropriate clothing for the Outdoor/Ski School activity they have booked.

Some of our outdoor activities are monitored or guided but not supervised (ADVENTURE COURSE – JUNIOR PARK – ZIP LINE WATERFALL – GIANT ZIP LINE – QUAD - SNOWMOBILE), in this case a major legal officer must be present on the site during the participant’s evolution

The participant must present himself at the time of his appointment, in case of delay, he will not be able to integrate a session in progress without having followed the complete security briefing with which all sessions begin.

Anyone exhibiting inappropriate behaviour to the safe conduct of the activity or exhibiting attitudes suggesting that he is under the influence of alcohol or illicit products will not be accepted by our graduate supervisors and no reimbursement will be performed.




The purchase of ELPRO Outdoor/ Skischool activities online via our website is subject to the conditions of sale on the internet: you then benefit from a withdrawal period of 14 clear days which begin to run the day after the acceptance of the offer. Beyond these 14 days, in case of impossibility for the customer to show up at the scheduled time and place, whatever the reason, or in the event of cessation of activities independently of our will (see next paragraph) no claim will be heard and no refund will be made.   

  • CANCELLATION/ REIMBURSEMENT ELPRO reserves the right to interrupt any activity if the conditions of safety are no longer optimal: Physical capacities of the participant inappropriate to the practice of the chosen sport, dangerous weather conditions (example: summer storm) as well as in case of non-compliance of safety instructions on the part of the participant.Stopping activities beyond our control: stopping of ski lifts, closing of the ski area for risk of avalanche: no claim will be heard and no refund will be made.In case of summer activities stop due to a storm: a postponement will be proposed to the participant. In case of impossibility of deferral, the customer will be reimbursed in proportion to the duration of the activity carried out before the storm. The cancellation by the client has no impact on the predetermined budget and on the terms of payment, no refund will be granted unless the cancellation by the client takes place within 15 working days before the start of the service. This period is extended to 30 working days for all bookings of 6 people or more. 


  • INSURANCE: Under the law, ELPRO will not be liable for any injury or accident occurring during an activity. ELPRO has professional liability insurance through the inter,


In the event of an accident, the emergency and evacuation procedures are managed by the field professionals until the arrival at the site of the competent structures (ski-slope service, fire department, doctor, gendarmerie). The cost of rescue, evacuation and assistance shall be borne by the participant. In the event of an accident or illness preventing the person from participating in the reserved activity, ELPRO will not make any reimbursement. However, we can issue a certificate that you can submit to your insurance company to obtain a refund. We advise you to find out more about your insurance.


The prices displayed on our website are in EURO TTC.

The reservation will be effective from the moment when the payment of the entire service is made either online or by phone. A booking confirmation will be sent to you immediately.

Payment methods accepted: VAD/ Credit card/ Holiday vouchers/ Cash.


The voucher allows you to offer an activity to a third party beneficiary. He will then have to reserve the available time slot according to his wishes and according to the availability of the ELPRO schedule at the time of his contact. It is non-refundable and is valid only for the current season.


This Agreement and its consequences shall be governed by French law to which the Parties expressly intend to refer. French law is therefore the only applicable notwithstanding any conflict of law rule that may be applicable. E2. ASSIGNMENT OF JURISDICTION Any dispute concerning the existence, validity, interpretation, the performance or termination of this Agreement which cannot be resolved amicably between the Parties after notifying one of the Parties of the request it makes to the other Party, will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Courts of Chambéry.