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Discover our Free Ski S'cool Marie Martinod by ELPRO


Goal ?


You want to perfect your skiing and be part of a privileged group with the follow-up of a double Olympic medalist in Halfpipe?

 So do not waste time, read and discover the concept of the "Free Ski S'Cool Marie Martinod" !

 This renowned athlete offers you an introduction to Freestyle and free skiing through a fun, educational, sports and motivational program!

 In order to give you a passion and a vision of skiing that made her vibrate all her life, she designed a program to adapt to young people holding the Bronze Star level, with the aim of offering a unique and fun experience.



Ready to become a "fox" and spend a full week with a coach coach personally by Marie ? 

 The concept of internships with Marie Martinod is to work with the human. The goal is to create an osmosis with the group, in order to generate unforgettable links during a week.

 Each participant will have the opportunity to exchange live with Marie Martinod on WhatsApp via their mobile number. Marie will stay connected with her "Fox" all week!

Cherry on the cake !!! Marie comes skiing with her "Fox" half a day in the week!

At the end of the course, keep the link with the other "Fox", your instructors and Marie via the Facebook page "Free Ski S'Cool Marie Martinod"


A tailor-made program with :

  •     From the snowpark
  •     Mogul Ski
  •     Ski carving / slalom timed
  •     From Skicross
  •     Awareness of mountain safety, good practices, and risks

Snowpark :

 Training at the snowpark to learn ski switch, make jumps like pro (S / XS: grabs, 180 °, 360 °, 540 °), learn to ski on the modules of the park (box, rails), and test the Half pipe Bellecôte.

 Mogul Skiing :

Training on a track select beforehand, you will learn how to make turns godilles between the bumps, the mastery of the speed in small turns, the absorption thanks to the vertical play and the attachment of the arms facing the slope.

 Ski carving / slalom timed :

 Training on the slalom stadium Plagne center or Belle Plagne, for learning turns monitors.

 From Skicross :

 Training around the fun Slope and Boarder-cross Belle Plagne and Champagny, to learn the guidelines and trajectories, the system of pumping and relaunch, and flat skis for speed gain.

 The most of the internship ?

 A bonus for our future "fox" that will make you independent and responsible skiers.

A plus to the freestyle ski program: to raise awareness of the "mountain" environment in which skiers evolve in the winter thanks to: the discovery of the equipment recommended for practice (shovel, probe, DVA, supplied by EL Pro), awareness of safety rules (flags, trackers' chalet, weather indications).

Depending on the level of the group the instructor will discover the ski in the forest (passage between trees, powder).

New this year !

An orientation game and search for a DVA hidden under the snow by applying the instructions of framing while including the use of probe and shovel.


Marie life :

Marie Martinod Half Pipe Specialist, 2014 Sochi Olympic Silver Medalist and 2018 Pyeongchang, 2016 Aspen X Games Winner, and two-time World Cup Winner in 2003-2004 and in 2016-2017.


She retired at the end of the 2017-2018 season, and today she is a sports consultant.

She works mainly for two entities "RMC Sport" and "L'Equipe" in Paris.

At RMC, she is part of the "Dream team RMC" with other top athletes to intervene in sports programs on radio RMC. She participates enormously in the "Great Maws of Sport" at the weekend.

On her "L'Equipe" channel, she comments on the world of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, and more specifically the disciplines of ski half pipe, ski slope style, bump skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboard cross and alpine snowboarding.


Always in the field of sport she intervenes in conferences on different sports themes :

  •     Sport and maternity
  •     The parallels between the world of high level sport and the world of business.

In addition to all the professional activities in which she participates, she is a member of the CAHN (High Performance Athletes Committee of the French National Olympic Committee).

This commission is to change the legislation on sport, and to reduce the information to the athletes of their respective federations.

Sponsored and supported By Eric Laboureix (5 times Freestyle World Champion) during this sporting career, it is at the ELPRO Ski School that she undertakes a part of her re-conversion.




Free Skiing Glossary S'Cool Marie Martinod :






Meeting point

ELPRO, No. 1 outdoor sports mountain, in the heart of La Plagne Paradiski ®.
The meeting point is located in Belle Plagne, from the gondola of La Roche de Mio, above the
bakery and shop ELPRO-Skimium.


219,00 €
299,00 €

Opening informations

From 24/02 to 01/03 - from 09:00 to 11:45
From 24/02 to 01/03 - from 14:30 à 17:15

Participation requirements

  • Ski clothes
  • Helmet and back protection
  • Ski equipment (double spatulas)
  • Mechanical lift package

Prices including

  • Coaching
  • Priority to lifts
  • Initiation in search of avalanche victims
  • End of Internship Medal

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