Free Ski S'Cool courses in Belle-Plagne

Discover our Freestyle internship with Marie Martinod !



The goal ?

Perfect your skiing and be part of a privileged group with a double Olympic medalist in Halfpipe: Marie Martinod!
Marie Martinod Half Pipe Specialist, 2014 Sochi Olympic Silver Medalist and 2018 Pyeongchang, 2016 Aspen X Games Winner, and two-time World Cup Winner in 2003-2004 and in 2016-2017.
She is retiring from sport after the 2017-2018 season, skiing in the blood she creates a concept of Freestyle training to offer a unique experience to a new generation of freestylers.
This athlete of renon offers an introduction to the Freestyle discipline, through a fun, educational, sports and motivating!

A complete program with :



boxs *, slides *, rails * = ski / snowpark modules


The most of the internship ?


A plus to the freestyle ski program to raise awareness of the "mountain" environment in which skiers evolve through:

    -The discovery of the material recommended for practice (shovel, probe, Arva, supplied by EL Pro)
    -Awareness of safety rules. Flags, pisteurs cottage, weather indications
    -The orientation and search games of an Arva hidden under the snow by applying the instructions of framing then
    -The use of probe and shovel
    -Ski in the forest (if level of the adapted group).

Be part of the family fox

The concept of internships with Marie Martinod works with the human. The goal is to create an osmosis with the group to create unforgettable links during a week.

Each participant will have access to the Facebook page "Stage Marie Martinod" in order to see the shared contents, as well as the possibility to exchange live with her on WhatsApp via their number. Marie will stay connected with her "Fox" all week!

Through this internship, Marie will share her experience as a professional skier but also a competitor on a world circuit and will coach small groups of lucky people during an exceptional week!

Cherry on the cake !!! Marie comes skiing with her "Fox" half a day in the week!

Stage accessible to all skiers from the Bronze Star level, all skiers are welcome to ride alongside LA Half Pipe Champion, made in La Plagne!
Meeting point

ELPRO, No. 1 outdoor sports mountain, in the heart of La Plagne Paradiski ®.
The meeting point is located in Belle Plagne, from the gondola of La Roche de Mio, above the
bakery and shop ELPRO-Skimium.


230,00 €
270,00 €

Opening informations

From 24/02 to 01/03 - from 09:00 to 11:45
From 24/02 to 01/03 - from 14:30 à 17:15

From 03/03 to 08/03 - from 09:00 to 11:45
From 03/03 to 08/03 - from 14:30 to 17:15

From Sunday to Friday

Participation requirements

  • Ski clothes
  • Helmet and back protection
  • Ski equipment (double spatulas)
  • Mechanical lift package

Prices including

  • Coaching
  • Priority to lifts
  • Initiation in search of avalanche victims
  • End of Internship Medal

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ELPRO on Facebook