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Atelier et réparation ski Plagne 1800 ELPRO SKIMIUM Ski shop at Plagne 1800

Services we offer

Ski School and Outdoor Office

Equipment hire

Ski service and repair workshop

Below the sales area is a 80m2 central workshop where your skis and those from Plagne 1800 and Plagne Centre are serviced. Entrust us with your skis, our team, led by an former ski instructor, will make sure that your skis are serviced to perfection.

This workshop is equipped with ultra-efficient Wintersteiger machines. Our technicians will be at your service for the assembly, repair and daily maintenance of your skis and snowboards.

The Basemann Wintersteiger pistol fills the holes in the bases of your skis and snowbaords. Prior to the service your equipment is placed in a heated cell so as not to create a thermal shock between your equipment, which comes from the outside, and the molten material (pitex) that we apply to the sole. This process allows a better adhesion of the material and a better longevity of the service carried out.


The excess pitex is removed by hand with a planer, then your skis and snowboard go into the "machine".


The  Wintersteiger Omega B belt grinder edges your skis and removes the excess wax. Once this is completed, your skis then go through a stone grinder. This step creates the structure on your base.  This base structure, is done according to the temperature and the quality of the snow,  and is an essential step to provide better running of the skis  by evacuating water and thus the suction effect that a ski can have. This is a crucial step in the quality of the service, a poor choice of structure will make a ski difficult to ski.

The next step is the sharpening of the skis on the The Trimjet ceramic machine, an automatic edge grinding machine for snowboards & skis. First-class performance combined with high efficiency levels for a perfect  ‘seamless’ run of the ski.

Final waxing stage: hot wax, applied by our team by hand with a waxing iron.

We can also supply on demand: sole inserts, edge inserts, collages, replacement of spare parts (stop skis…)

 Thanks to our large stock of parts, our teams can mount many bindings: Salomon Alpine bindings , Look, Tyrolia, Marker, ski touring bindings such as Plum, Dynafit, Marker.